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Personalized - Memorial gift, memorial stone, memorial paintin, portrait...

Personalized - custom Gift, Memorial gift, memorial stone, memorial painting, portrait, portrait painting on a stone on etsy https://t.co/gXbeF3Kh9P Are you looking for a memorial gift? Or just for a portrait on a stone of your parents, your grandma, or your children? This stone could be good for a memorial stone, or memorial painting, or just as a gift for her or him.... just as a wonderful personalised gift! Send us the most precious Foto and i will paint it on a stone where it stays forever - just like your love. All the products are 100% handpaint using high-quality acrylic colors. We can offer several options for the size and the number or kind of figures [people / pet / detailed objects (motorbikes, cars,..)] and different colors. Any personalised text ist welcome, on the front or on the back of the stone. Painting can also be black and white and have some This artwork would be the meaningful gifts to capture your beloved ones' moments and convey your meaningful message to the receivers. Dimensions & Weight of the product are approximately, (not include packaging): 9 cm x 10 cm. (Please noted that all the stones are NATURAL, which means THE SIZE ARE NOT 100% ACCURATE. These sizes can be a little different from description. We will do all our best to choose the most appropriate sizes) Each hand-drawn stone comes carefully packaged. How to order your personalized gifts: 1. If is ok about 9 x 10 cm, ( Write us, if you need the stone in another particular size), then just buy. 2. Send us the photo of the beloved one through Etsy or to my Email: info [!at] jafethmariani.com (please convert [!at] in a @ ) [Let us know if you need any personalised text ] 3. When your portrait is finished, we send the photo of the completed painting to you for approval. If you need some changes, i will work on it. I guarantee the 100% quality satisfaction Let's keep your memorable moments on rock where it cannot fades away. Every Stone is hand painted and beautiful when given as jewelry but it is also good as a talisman or good luck charm for someone in need, suffering or just in need of courage. Or if you want to give someone a memory. The acrylic paint has been sealed for outdoor use. Each stone can be dedicated or personalized. But we can also just write "Sassi Narranti" at the back. All the best https://www.etsy.com/de/shop/SassiNarranti

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